Privacy Statement

Personal data

We store the following data about you in a digital patient file: name, address, date of birth, social security number, email address, phone number, gender, photo, occupation, general practitioner, medical history, dental findings and treatments, insurance details, and relationships with family members.



Dental hygienist

Prosthetic technician

Preventive assistant



All employees in the aforementioned roles need access to all the personal data listed above in order to perform their job properly. Of course, everyone handles your data prudently and strict confidentiality is our policy towards the outside world. Name, gender, address, date of birth, social security number, and photo ensure that we have the correct patient in front of us. There can be unsafe situations if this information is incorrect. Additionally, this information is necessary for invoicing purposes.

Telephone number and email address

Your phone number and email address are necessary for us to contact you or to send you a quote.

Occupation is useful in some cases for certain dental problems. This is not strictly necessary and you can indicate whether or not you want to provide this information.

General practitioner, medical history (medical questionnaire and medications), and patient file are necessary to safely treat you. This contains everything we have examined, executed, and planned. Additionally, all payment information is contained here.

Insurance details

Insurance details are necessary if you want Infomedics to directly bill your insurance.

Retention and right to be forgottenThe retention period of your file is currently 16 years. In the past, there have been several instances where the file had to be kept longer at the request of the court. Unfortunately, for this reason, we cannot destroy your file or give you the original. We can always give you a copy of your own file.

Security measures

Correspondence via email or SMS can only be sent securely or depersonalized. If you have your own security key, we can use it to send everything to you.

Financial settlement

You can choose to pay at the desk immediately after treatment and receive a receipt. Your personal data will not be shared with a third party. For financial settlement, we have a contract with factorings company Infomedics. They can submit your invoice directly to your insurance and send you a bill for the remainder if necessary. For this service, we are required to provide Infomedics with the following personal data: name, address, date of birth, gender, insurance details, phone, email, and the dental procedures that need to be declared. You can choose to pay your bill directly at the desk. Your information will not be shared with Infomedics.

Dental technology

If we perform a treatment on you that requires dental technology work (crown, prosthesis, mouthguard, etc.), this work will be ordered from a dental technology laboratory. The following personal data is necessary to make the work: name, date of birth, gender, and the specific dental situation. Agreements have been signed with these companies to ensure the safety of your personal data.

Filing a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority

If you are not satisfied with the way we handle your data, you can file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority. You can find the contact details of the Dutch Data Protection Authority here:


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