The billing system for our dental office has been updated.

We are transitioning to

The invoice from our practice

We understand that patients choose their healthcare provider based on trust, and personal contact is essential in this regard. That's why we send our invoices for treatments directly from our own practice, using Payt software. This software enables you to access your invoices in a personal online environment (no account required), easily pay your invoices with iDEAL, and communicate with the practice if you have any questions about your bill or wish to arrange a payment plan.

Reimbursement from your health insurer

The invoice you receive from us clearly indicates the amount reimbursed by the health insurer. This depends on your age, the type of treatment, and the conditions of your insurer. If you have questions about your health insurer's reimbursement, please contact your insurer directly.

Our practice's procedure

Our standard procedure is to submit your treatment to your insurer first. We then bill you for the portion not covered by your insurer. You have 14 days to settle the invoice, and you can use digital payment options such as iDEAL. If we do not have or have an outdated email address for you but you would like to receive your invoices via email, please provide us with your email address as soon as possible.

Secure digital transactions

All your personal data is stored in a highly secure environment. Payt's software is certified (NEN7510), ensuring that Payt handles your data adequately and securely. For more information about your invoice, your online environment, or Payt, please visit the page specially designed for patients or contact us directly.

Payment Terms for the Practice

The practice handles the invoicing and collection of fees for the healthcare services you have received from us. In doing so, we strictly adhere to all applicable laws and regulations. Our payment terms align with the general payment conditions for dental care in the Netherlands, as outlined on the website of the KNMT (Royal Dutch Dental Association).

What are the key payment terms for your invoice with us?

If possible, we may submit your invoice to your health insurer. Any reimbursement for the treatment will be clearly indicated on the invoice. If you prefer that we do not submit your invoice to your health insurer, please clearly communicate this to the practice before the treatment.

We expect you to settle the invoice before the specified due date as mentioned on the bill. Failure to pay by the due date will result in default without the need for further notice. If you neglect the complimentary reminder, we will engage Payt debt management for an extrajudicial collection process, which may include statutory interest and collection costs.

Our goal is to keep healthcare costs as low as possible. Avoid additional charges by paying promptly and utilizing the digital payment options we offer, such as online payment through iDeal. Ensure that we always have your current personal and insurance information to prevent unnecessary delays, costs, and administrative tasks.

For inquiries regarding your invoices, we encourage you to use digital tools as much as possible. You can respond via email to your invoice by choosing the "reply by email" option or use our invoice portal. We will respond to you as soon as possible.


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